A List of Things I Miss in Canada

We’ve reached the halfway mark and as much as I love Malawi, “There’s no place like home” really does resonate more and more. So here’s a list of all the beautiful things I miss about Canada (mostly food).

– A real Canadian breakfast. Eggs, beans, back bacon/breakfast sausages, hash – all doused in glorious maple syrup.

– Sidewalks. Paved roads. The lack of sand in my shoes.

– Washing machines. Dryers. Even if I have to walk outside of my building to use one.

– Drinking on the patio with friends on a warm summer evening. Or just drinking in public and not being misunderstood for it.

– Spicy food. Specifically Korean food.


– Pasta. Creamy pasta. Creamy pasta that I make with seafood and white wine.

– Cooking. Knowing how to use the stove and where to buy groceries so that I can cook for myself.

– A fridge. And cold water.

– Large windows. And my open concept house filled with light.

…. I’ll think of more later. But those are the ones that occupy most of the space in my mind. πŸ™‚

Today’s Culture Shock: Most everyone I’ve met generally don’t believe poverty exists in Canada. To which I explain and show pictures of homeless people (who only really exist in the big cities in Malawi) and everyone is always appalled.

Bricks used to build houses in Malawi

4 thoughts on “A List of Things I Miss in Canada


    Do you get any follow up questions after showing them Canada’s homeless? What kind of reactions do you get about the Aboriginal population?


    1. Follow up questions have been: “What is the government doing,” “Is there a shortage of land,” “Are there not enough building materials?”
      And then generally the conclusion that Malawi is better because people have homes despite how poor they usually are.

      Haven’t been able to explain Aboriginals properly.


      1. Fascinating. Seems that the follow up questions relate to the presence of a house/home. Do you know much about Malawi’s social services?


      2. I don’t know a whole lot about Malawian social services. But building a house doesn’t seem like a big deal around here. And landlords don’t seem to earn a whole lot of money.


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